UNION CARBIDE CORP /NEW/ filed this Form 10-K on 02/15/2018
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Asbestos-Related Liability at December 31, 2017
In October 2017, the Corporation requested Ankura to review its historical asbestos claim and resolution activity (including asbestos-related defense and processing costs) and determine the appropriateness of updating its December 2016 study. In response to that request, Ankura reviewed and analyzed data through September 30, 2017. In December 2017, Ankura stated that an update of its December 2016 study would not provide a more likely estimate of future events than the estimate reflected in the study and, therefore, the estimate in that study remained applicable. Based on the Corporation's own review of the asbestos claim and resolution activity (including asbestos-related defense and processing costs) and Ankura's response, the Corporation determined that no change to the accrual was required. At December 31, 2017, the asbestos-related liability for pending and future claims against UCC and Amchem, including future asbestos-related defense and processing costs, was $1,369 million, and approximately 16 percent of the recorded liability related to pending claims and approximately 84 percent related to future claims.

Insurance Receivables
The Corporation has receivables for insurance recoveries related to its asbestos liability as well as receivables for defense and resolution costs submitted to insurance carriers that have a settlement agreement in place regarding their asbestos-related insurance coverage. The Corporation continues to believe that its recorded receivable for insurance recoveries from all insurance carriers is probable of collection. At December 31, 2017, the Corporation's receivable for insurance recoveries related to its asbestos liability was $37 million ($41 million at December 31, 2016).

The Corporation's management believes the amounts recorded for the asbestos-related liability (including defense and processing costs) reflect reasonable and probable estimates of the liability based on current, known facts. However, future events, such as the number of new claims to be filed and/or received each year and the average cost of defending and disposing of each such claim, as well as the numerous uncertainties surrounding asbestos litigation in the United States, could cause the actual costs for the Corporation to be higher or lower than those projected or those recorded. Any such event could result in an increase or decrease in the recorded liability.

Because of the uncertainties described above, the Corporation cannot estimate the full range of the cost of resolving pending and future asbestos-related claims facing UCC and Amchem. As a result, it is reasonably possible that an additional cost of disposing of asbestos-related claims, including future defense and processing costs, could have a material impact on the Corporation's results of operations and cash flows for a particular period and on the consolidated financial position.

Other Litigation
While it is not possible at this time to determine with certainty the ultimate outcome of any of the legal proceedings and claims referred to in this filing, management believes that the possibility is remote that the aggregate of all such other claims and lawsuits will have a material adverse impact on the results of operations, cash flows and financial position of the Corporation.

Purchase Commitments
The Corporation has outstanding purchase commitments and various commitments for take-or-pay or throughput agreements. The Corporation was not aware of any purchase commitments that were negotiated as part of a financing arrangement for the facilities that will provide the contracted goods or services or for the costs related to those goods or services at December 31, 2017 and 2016.

Operating Leases
The Corporation has leases primarily for facilities and distribution equipment. The future minimum rental payments under leases with remaining noncancelable terms in excess of one year are as follows:

Minimum Lease Commitments at Dec 31, 2017
In millions





2023 and thereafter


Rental expenses under leases were $32 million in 2017, $28 million in 2016 and $29 million in 2015.