Q.On which stock exchange is Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. traded?
A.Since 1997, Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s Ordinary Shares have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange "NYSE" under the symbol FDP.

Q.When was Fresh Del Monte Product Inc.'s initial public offering and at what price?
A.The Company’s initial public offering took place on October 24, 1997 at a price of $16.00 per share.

Q.Does Fresh Del Monte Product Inc. pay a dividend?
A.On November 3, 2010, the Company's board of directors reinstated a quarterly cash dividend. In October 2006, the Company’s board of directors had suspended the Company’s quarterly dividend that began in January 2002.

Q.Does Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. have a direct stock purchase plan?
A.No, the Company does not currently offer a direct share purchase plan.

Q.Who is Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s transfer agent and registrar?

P.O. Box 30170
College Station, TX 77842-3170
Customer Service Toll Free #: 866-245-9962
TDD for hearing Impaired: 800-231-5469
Foreign Shareholders: 201-680-6578
TDD Foreign Shareholders: 201-680-6610
Website: www.computershare.com/investor

Q.Who is Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s independent registered public accounting firm?
A.Ernst & Young LLP is the Company's independent auditor.

Q.How can I obtain a copy of Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s Annual Report on Form 10K, a Form 10-Q or a Proxy Statement?
A.The electronic version of the Annual Report on Form 10-K, along with other SEC filings can be accessed through the Financial Reports and SEC Filings pages of this web site’s Investor Relations section.

Q.Where is Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s U.S. executive office?
A.The U.S. executive office is located at 241 Sevilla Avenue, Coral Gables, Florida, 33134.

Q.What are Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s primary products as measured by net sales?
A.In 2014, bananas represented 46 percent and other fresh produce represented 44 percent of the net sales and prepared food represented 10 percent.

Q.What are Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.'s net sales by geographic region?
A.In 2014, North America represented approximately 53 percent of the net sales, Europe represented 19 percent, the Middle East represented 14 percent Asia represented 11 percent and other represented 3 percent.

Q.How many people does Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. employ?
A.The Company employs approximately 45,000 employees.

Q.What is the Company's strategy?
A.Our strategy is focused on a combination of maximizing revenues from our existing infrastructure, entering new markets and strict cost control initiatives. We plan to continue to capitalize on the growing global demand for fresh produce and expand our reach into existing and new markets. Our strategy includes increasing volumes from existing production and distribution facilities in order to improve operating efficiencies and reduce per unit costs.

Q.What is your best performing product?
A.Our best performing products, from a margin perspective are our specialty pineapple, Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet and our fresh-cut fruit product line.

Q.How are you expanding your product selection?
A.We always seek to add new innovative products and packaging that retailers, foodservice operators, convenience stores and consumers ask for.

Q.In what ways are you driving your global growth?
A.The key opportunities for growth in our business are the UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. We have a deep cultural understanding of the Middle East, which affords us an advantage over some of our competitors. Today, we have a multi-purpose facility in Dubai, a distribution center in Abu Dhabi and a meat processing facility in Jordan. We also have distribution centers and fresh-cut facilities in Riyadh, and a distribution center Jeddah. In addition, we have our well-recognized global brand, vertically integrated operations and a growing range of healthful products that are gaining consumer acceptance. These factors spell a host of exciting new opportunities for Fresh Del Monte – and for our shareholders.

Q.What new business initiatives do you have underway to help improve shareholder value?
A.We work daily to execute the strategies that complement our core business and add value for our shareholders. For example, we continue to focus on pricing strategies, control costs and drive efficiencies to deal with the cost pressures faced by everyone in our industry. We are always seeking to expand our portfolio of agricultural land to secure core product volumes both organically and through acquisitions. We also continue to explore opportunities to strengthen our core product volumes by third-party sourcing. In addition, we are advancing into emerging markets to establish a competitive position and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Q.What would you like shareholders to know about the Company and your business that is not now clearly understood?
A.We believe that the secret to our success is the resilience that we have deliberately built into our business, our management team and our balance sheet. Our business model is proven, and it allows us to adjust our footprint swiftly in response to changing market conditions. Our management team is quick to seize attractive acquisition opportunities as they arise. Our financial position is healthy—our strong balance sheet, low debt levels and healthy cash flow firmly support our initiatives and fuel our growth. And our competitive position is better than ever, as smaller, undercapitalized players exit the marketplace, lacking access to the funds they need to sustain themselves.

Equally important is that our view of our business is practical, and it always has been. While we are fully aware of—and engaged in addressing—the short-term issues we face, we are also sharply focused on our long-range outlook.