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SEC Filings

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Our Purchases of Equity Securities
The following table shows shares of our common stock we repurchased during the second quarter of 2011.
            Total Number of
  Maximum Number of
      Shares Purchased as
  Shares that
    Number of
  Part of Publicly
  May Yet be
  Price Paid
  Purchased Under
  Purchased(1)   per Share   Program(2)   the Program(2)
    (Shares in thousands)
April 1-30
    1     $ 0.39              
May 1-31
    2       0.45              
June 1-30
(1) Consists of shares of common stock reacquired from employees to pay an aggregate of $1,394 in withholding taxes due upon the vesting of previously issued restricted stock. Does not include 21,493,117 shares of 8.75% Non-Cumulative Mandatory Convertible Series 2008-1 Preferred Stock received from holders upon conversion of those shares into 38,669,841 shares of common stock.
(2) We do not have any publicly announced share repurchase programs under which we could purchase our common stock.
Dividend Restrictions
Our payment of dividends is subject to the following restrictions:
Restrictions Relating to Conservatorship.  Our conservator announced on September 7, 2008 that we would not pay any dividends on the common stock or on any series of preferred stock, other than the senior preferred stock. In addition, FHFA’s regulations relating to conservatorship and receivership operations, which became effective July 20, 2011, prohibit us from paying any dividends while in conservatorship unless authorized by the Director of FHFA. The Acting Director of FHFA directs us to make dividend payments on the senior preferred stock on a quarterly basis.
Restrictions under Senior Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement.  The senior preferred stock purchase agreement prohibits us from declaring or paying any dividends on Fannie Mae equity securities (other than the senior preferred stock) without the prior written consent of Treasury.
Statutory Restrictions.  Under the GSE Act, FHFA has authority to prohibit capital distributions, including payment of dividends, if we fail to meet our capital requirements. If FHFA classifies us as significantly undercapitalized, approval of the Director of FHFA is required for any dividend payment. Under the GSE Act, we are not permitted to make a capital distribution if, after making the distribution, we would be undercapitalized, except the Director of FHFA may permit us to repurchase shares if the repurchase is made in connection with the issuance of additional shares or obligations in at least an equivalent amount and will reduce our financial obligations or otherwise improve our financial condition.
Restrictions Relating to Qualifying Subordinated Debt.  During any period in which we defer payment of interest on qualifying subordinated debt, we may not declare or pay dividends on, or redeem, purchase or acquire, our common stock or preferred stock.
Restrictions Relating to Preferred Stock.  Payment of dividends on our common stock is also subject to the prior payment of dividends on our preferred stock and our senior preferred stock. Payment of dividends on all outstanding preferred stock, other than the senior preferred stock, is also subject to the prior payment of dividends on the senior preferred stock.