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Acquired Property, Net and Other Assets—Acquired property, net mainly represents foreclosed property received in full satisfaction of a loan net of a valuation allowance. Acquired property is initially recorded in our condensed consolidated balance sheets at its fair value less its estimated cost to sell. The initial fair value of foreclosed properties is determined using a hierarchy based on the reliability of available information. The fair value estimate is based on the best information available at the time of valuation. The hierarchy includes offers accepted, third-party interior appraisals, independent broker opinions, proprietary home price model values and exterior broker price opinions. Estimated cost to sell is based upon historical sales cost at a geographic level.
Subsequent to initial measurement, the foreclosed properties that we intend to sell are reported at the lower of the carrying amount or fair value less estimated costs to sell. Foreclosed properties classified as held for use, included in other assets, are depreciated and are impaired when circumstances indicate that the carrying amount of the property is no longer recoverable. Acquired property held for use is included in other assets in our condensed consolidated balance sheets. The fair value of our single-family foreclosed properties on an ongoing basis is determined using the same information hierarchy used at the point of initial fair value. The fair value of our multifamily properties is derived using third-party valuations. When third-party valuations are not available, we estimate the fair value using current net operating income of the property and capitalization rates.
Acquired property is classified as Level 3 of the valuation hierarchy because significant inputs are unobservable.
Fair Value of Financial Instruments
The following table displays the carrying value and estimated fair value of our financial instruments as of June 30, 2011 and December 31, 2010. The fair value of financial instruments we disclose, includes commitments to purchase multifamily and single-family mortgage loans, which are off-balance sheet financial instruments that we do not record in our condensed consolidated balance sheets. The fair values of these commitments are included as “Mortgage loans held for investment, net of allowance for loan losses.” The disclosure excludes certain financial instruments, such as plan obligations for pension and postretirement health care benefits, employee stock option and stock purchase plans, and also excludes all non-financial