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In addition, the fair value of our net assets attributable to common stockholders presented in our fair value balance sheet does not represent an estimate of the value we expect to realize from operating the company or what we expect to draw from Treasury under the terms of our senior preferred stock purchase agreement, primarily because:
  •  The estimated fair value of our credit exposures significantly exceeds our projected credit losses as fair value takes into account certain assumptions about liquidity and required rates of return that a market participant may demand in assuming a credit obligation. Because we do not intend to have another party assume the credit risk inherent in our book of business, and therefore would not be obligated to pay a market premium for its assumption, we do not expect the current market premium portion of our current estimate of fair value to impact future Treasury draws;
  •  The fair value balance sheet does not reflect amounts we expect to draw in the future to pay dividends on the senior preferred stock; and
  •  The fair value of our net assets reflects a point in time estimate of the fair value of our existing assets and liabilities, and does not incorporate the value associated with new business that may be added in the future.
The fair value of our net assets is not a measure defined within GAAP and may not be comparable to similarly titled measures reported by other companies.
Supplemental Non-GAAP Consolidated Fair Value Balance Sheets
We present our non-GAAP fair value balance sheets in Table 27 below.