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the fungibility of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac UMBS or if investors prefer Freddie Mac UMBS over Fannie Mae UMBS, it could have a significant adverse impact on our business, liquidity, financial condition, net worth and results of operations, and could adversely affect the liquidity or market value of our MBS.
The Single Security Initiative will also result in our credit and operational exposure to Freddie Mac. Once the initiative is implemented, investors will be able to commingle Fannie Mae UMBS and Freddie Mac UMBS in resecuritizations. When we resecuritize Freddie Mac UMBS, our guaranty of principal and interest would extend to the underlying Freddie Mac UMBS. Accordingly, in the event Freddie Mac were to fail (for credit or operational reasons) to make a payment on Freddie Mac UMBS that we resecuritized, we would be responsible for making the entire payment on the related Fannie Mae UMBS in order for any of our certificates to be paid. We do not intend to limit the amount of resecuritized Freddie Mac UMBS that we guarantee and we do not intend to modify our liquidity strategies to address this increased risk. As a result, we could be dependent on Freddie Mac and on the senior preferred stock purchase agreements that we and Freddie Mac each have with Treasury to avoid a liquidity event or a default under our guaranty. See “Risk Factors” in our 2017 Form 10-K for a discussion of other operational risks associated with our implementation of the Single Security Initiative and related internal infrastructure upgrades.
Once we begin issuing UMBS, we plan to begin using CSS and the CSP to perform certain operational functions associated with issuing and managing these UMBS on our behalf. Accordingly, we will be reliant on CSS and the CSP for the operation of many of our securitization activities. Our business activities could be adversely affected and the market for Fannie Mae MBS could be disrupted if the CSP were to fail or otherwise become unavailable to us or if CSS were unable to perform its obligations to us. Any such failure or unavailability could have a significant adverse impact on our business, liquidity, financial condition, net worth and results of operations, and could adversely affect the liquidity or market value of our MBS.
Item 2.  Unregistered Sales of Equity Securities and Use of Proceeds
Recent Sales of Unregistered Securities
Under the terms of our senior preferred stock purchase agreement with Treasury, we are prohibited from selling or issuing our equity interests, other than as required by (and pursuant to) the terms of a binding agreement in effect on September 7, 2008, without the prior written consent of Treasury. During the quarter ended September 30, 2018, we did not sell any equity securities.
Information about Certain Securities Issuances by Fannie Mae
Pursuant to SEC regulations, public companies are required to disclose certain information when they incur a material direct financial obligation or become directly or contingently liable for a material obligation under an off-balance sheet arrangement. The disclosure must be made in a current report on Form 8-K under Item 2.03 or, if the obligation is incurred in connection with certain types of securities offerings, in prospectuses for that offering that are filed with the SEC.
Because the securities we issue are exempted securities under the Securities Act of 1933, we do not file registration statements or prospectuses with the SEC with respect to our securities offerings. To comply with the disclosure requirements of Form 8-K relating to the incurrence of material financial obligations, we report our incurrence of these types of obligations either in offering circulars or prospectuses (or supplements thereto) that we post on our website or in a current report on Form 8-K that we file with the SEC, in accordance with a “no-action” letter we received from the SEC staff in 2004. In cases where the information is disclosed in a prospectus or offering circular posted on our website, the document will be posted on our website within the same time period that a prospectus for a non-exempt securities offering would be required to be filed with the SEC.
The website address for disclosure about our debt securities is From this address, investors can access the offering circular and related supplements for debt securities offerings under Fannie Mae’s universal debt facility, including pricing supplements for individual issuances of debt securities.
Disclosure about our obligations pursuant to some of the MBS we issue, some of which may be off-balance sheet obligations, can be found at From this address, investors can access information and documents about our MBS, including prospectuses and related prospectus supplements.
We are providing our website address solely for your information. Information appearing on our website is not incorporated into this report.

Fannie Mae Third Quarter 2018 Form 10-Q