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SEC Filings

ARCH COAL INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/18/2019
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Key Elements of the Company's Compensation Program

    Pay for Performance — A significant portion of compensation for each of our named executive officers is tied to key performance-based metrics.

    Mix of Short-Term and Long-Term Incentives — Our incentive program has an appropriate mix of annual and long-term incentives.

    Stock Ownership Guidelines — We have stock ownership guidelines in place for our executive officers and directors.

    Clawback Policy — We have a clawback policy that applies to performance-based compensation granted to executive officers of the Company.

    Anti-Hedging and Anti-Pledging Policy — We have a policy prohibiting executive officers and directors from engaging in any action designed to hedge or offset any change in the value of the Company's stock and from pledging any Company security.

    No Repricing of Stock Options — Repricing of stock options without stockholder approval is expressly prohibited under the Company's equity plan.

Corporate Governance Highlights

Board Composition —

    Mr. James N. Chapman serves as the non-executive chairman of the Board.

    All of the Company's directors are independent, except for Mr. John W. Eaves, the Company's chief executive officer.

    All of the Company's directors stand for election on an annual basis.

    The average age of the directors is 56, and the average length of tenure is three years.

    The Board annually assesses its performance through Board and committee self-evaluations.

    The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee leads the full Board in considering Board competencies.

Risk Oversight —

    The Board is responsible for risk oversight, and its standing committees have particular oversight of key risks.

    The Board oversees management as management fulfills its responsibilities for the assessment and mitigation of risks and for taking appropriate risks.

Safety and Environmental Responsibility —

    Safety and environmental stewardship are core values of the Company.


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