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SEC Filings

ARCH COAL INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/18/2019
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    Review and Approval of Transactions with Related Persons

        In determining whether to approve, ratify or disapprove of the Company's entry into a transaction with a related party, our Board considers all relevant facts and circumstances and takes into account, among other factors:

    whether the transaction is on terms no less favorable than terms generally available to an unaffiliated third party under the same or similar circumstances;

    whether the transaction would impair the independence of an outside director; and

    whether the transaction would present an improper conflict of interest for any director or executive officer of the Company.

    Transactions with Related Persons

    Registration Rights Agreement

        On November 17, 2016, the Company entered into a registration rights agreement (the "Registration Rights Agreement") with Monarch Alternative Capital LP and certain other affiliated funds (collectively, "Monarch"). Pursuant to the Registration Rights Agreement, the Company has agreed that, upon Monarch's request, it will file a registration statement to permit Monarch to sell shares of the Company's Class A Common Stock. Demands for registration by Monarch are subject to (i) a minimum aggregate proceeds size of $35 million, (ii) a limit of one demand per any six-month period and (iii) a limit of three demands in the aggregate. If the Company is eligible to use Form S-3, Monarch has the right to request that the Company file a shelf registration statement. Monarch's right to sell shares pursuant to the shelf registration statement is subject to the same limitations described above for demand registration rights. If the Company undertakes a registered public offering (subject to customary exceptions), the Company must notify Monarch and offer it the opportunity to participate in such offering, subject to customary cutback rights. Monarch's registration rights are subject to customary blackout restrictions. The Registration Rights Agreement also provides restrictions on Monarch's ability to transfer ownership of its Class A Common Stock to competitors, with certain exceptions, set forth in the Registration Rights Agreement.

        The Company has agreed to pay customary expenses associated with any registration under the Registration Rights Agreement, but excluding underwriting discounts and commissions.

        The Registration Rights Agreement terminates in the event (i) Monarch provides written notification of termination to the Company, (ii) Monarch's shares of Class A Common Stock subject to the Registration Rights Agreement have been sold and are freely tradeable, or (iii) Monarch owns less than 5% of the outstanding Class A Common Stock.


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