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SEC Filings

ARCH COAL INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/18/2019
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compensation deferred under the plan prior to the date the participant initially elected to receive payment if we determine that the employee has a demonstrated financial hardship.

        The following table shows information relating to the activity in the deferred compensation plan accounts for the NEOs during 2018:

Contributions in
Last Fiscal Year
Contributions in
Last Fiscal Year
  Aggregate Earnings
in Last Fiscal Year
Distributions ($)(1)
  Aggregate Balance
at Last Fiscal Year
End ($)

John W. Eaves

          $ (296,961 )     $ 2,346,665  

John T. Drexler

          $ (9,035 ) $ (191 ) $ 71,382  

Paul A. Lang

          $ (57,394 ) $ (53,980 ) $ 724,915  

John A. Ziegler, Jr. 

          $ 76   $ (14,931 ) $ 9,238  

Robert G. Jones

          $ (84,467 )     $ 776,584  

Reflects amounts distributed on the specified dates elected by the NEOs prior to the deferral dates.

Potential Payments upon Termination of Employment or Change in Control

        We maintain certain agreements or arrangements with each of our NEOs and other executives that provide for the payment or acceleration of certain benefits in the event that the executive's employment is terminated under certain circumstances or following a change in control. In addition to the benefits described below, the NEOs would also be entitled to receive certain benefits under our defined benefit and pension plan, supplemental retirement plan and non-qualified deferred compensation plan. See the subsection entitled "Pension Benefits" for more information on the benefits accumulated under our defined benefit pension plan and our supplemental retirement plan that are attributable to each of the NEOs and the subsection entitled "Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation" for more information on the aggregate balance maintained under our deferred compensation plan by each of the NEOs.

        Our NEOs' change in control agreements provide "double trigger" payments on involuntary termination of employment in connection with a change in control.

    Potential Payments upon Termination of Employment

        We maintain change in control agreements with our NEOs and other executives. Under the change in control agreements, we may be required to provide compensation in the event of a termination of employment or a change in control of the Company. As a condition to each executive's entitlement to receive payments under the change in control agreements, the executive is required to execute a waiver of claims against us and to abide by certain non-disclosure, non-competition and non-solicitation requirements.

        Voluntary termination and termination for cause —  Each of the NEOs may terminate his employment at any time. In addition, we may terminate the employment of the NEOs for cause for any of the following reasons:

    a willful and continual failure to perform his duties;

    gross misconduct that is materially and demonstrably detrimental to us; or

    the commission of a felony.


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