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SEC Filings

ARCH COAL INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/18/2019
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defined benefit pension plan. No participants earn any service credit after such date. For more information about our defined benefit pension plan and our supplemental retirement plan, including the accumulated benefits attributable to our NEOs, see "Pension Benefits" below.

        Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plan —  We maintain a non-qualified deferred compensation plan that historically has allowed eligible employees, including our NEOs, to defer receipt of a portion of their base salaries and certain annual and long-term cash incentive awards until the dates elected by the employees. We have not allowed deferrals under this non-qualified plan since 2015. For more information about our deferred compensation plan, including information about amounts attributable to our NEOs, see "Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation" below.

        Change in Control Agreements —  To provide our NEOs and certain other key employees with some financial security in the event their employment with our organization is terminated without cause or under certain circumstances following a change in control, we provide the executives with change in control agreements that provide for cash payments and certain other severance benefits upon a qualifying termination. As a condition to receiving payments under the change in control agreements, the NEO is required to execute a waiver of claims against us and abide by certain non-disclosure, non-competition and non-solicitation requirements. We believe that the change in control agreements provide a meaningful mechanism by which to retain those individuals who are most capable of affecting our future performance. For more information about the change in control agreements with our NEOs, see "Potential Payments upon Termination of Employment or Change in Control" below.

    Stock Ownership Guidelines

        Our Board has adopted stock ownership guidelines which are intended to promote meaningful stock ownership by our NEOs. These guidelines specify a number of shares of our common stock, including unvested RSUs, that our NEOs must accumulate within the later of five years of the implementation of the guidelines or their first receiving an equity grant. The specific shareholding guidelines are determined based on a multiple of base salary, as follows:


Chief Executive Officer

  5 × Salary

Chief Operating Officer

  3 × Salary

Chief Financial Officer

  3 × Salary

Chief Commercial Officer

  3 × Salary

SVP, Law & General Counsel

  3 × Salary

    Anti-Hedging and Anti-Pledging Policy

        Each of our NEOs and directors is subject to the terms of our securities trading policies. Those policies prohibit entering into hedging transactions involving our stock, including trading in or writing "puts" and "calls" or engaging in "short sales," "margining" or any other action designed to offset any change in the value of the Company's stock. Those policies also prohibit NEOs and directors from pledging any Company securities.


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