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SEC Filings

ARCH COAL INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/18/2019
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        Based on the actual performance as set forth above, the cumulative amounts listed below were earned under the 2018 Annual Incentive Compensation Program for the Company's 2018 performance.

  Target as % of
Base Salary
  Actual Payout
as % of Base
  Dollar Amount
of Actual Payout

John W. Eaves

    110 %   180 % $ 1,844,605  

John T. Drexler

    85 %   139 % $ 799,602  

Paul A. Lang

    90 %   147 % $ 1,067,499  

John A. Ziegler, Jr. 

    60 %   98 % $ 368,103  

Robert G. Jones

    60 %   98 % $ 441,724  

Long-Term Incentive Program

    Overview —

        The Committee designed our long-term incentive program to promote decision-making that creates long-term value for our stockholders and other stakeholders. The Committee believes that an effective LTIP should also create strong retention incentives for those key employees who are most likely to influence our long-term performance.

        The following table shows the components of our long-term incentive program for each of the last three years, together with the percentage associated with such portion of the award compared to the total award granted in that year. Long-term incentive awards contain various incentive levels based on the participant's accountability and potential influence on our performance, with target opportunities established as a percentage of base salary based on the median market data.

Annual Compensation Component
  2016(1)   2017   2018  

Performance units(2)

    30 %        

Restricted stock units(3)

        100 %   100 %

2016 LTIP awards were reduced by 70% in light of the Company's Chapter 11 filing during 2016. Other than grants of restricted stock units made following our emergence from Chapter 11, which were special one-time grants, only the performance unit component of the LTIP was awarded in 2016.

The performance unit awards are tied to the Company's environmental and safety performance.

Restricted stock unit awards for 2017 and 2018 were divided equally between time-based and performance-based awards.


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