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ARCH COAL INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/18/2019
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        The components of the NEO compensation program for 2018 were as follows:

  Key Features   Objectives
    Direct Compensation    

Base Pay


Fixed annual cash amount, paid at regular intervals


Provides a regular source of income at competitive levels.

Annual Incentive Compensation Program


Performance-based cash compensation opportunity tied to annual goals of Adjusted EBITDA, Free Cash Flow, and safety and environmental measures


Financial metrics focus NEOs on achieving key annual financial goals and objectives based on budgeted expectations for the year.

Safety and environmental measures focus NEOs on these important areas of performance.

Long-Term Incentive Program


Long-term incentive program opportunities delivered through annual grants of restricted stock units


Our NEOs received grants of restricted stock units under our annual LTIP program, 50% of which will vest only to the extent that specified share price performance thresholds are attained. Meaningful share appreciation is required for the performance-based awards to vest, which aligns management incentives with enhancing stockholder value.



Other Compensation





Standard range of medical, dental, life insurance, disability and retirement plans available to other employees, as well as executive benefits described below under "Other Benefits"


Provide market-competitive level of support in the event of injury, illness and retirement.

Limited executive benefits are provided to address unique situations or expectations for our executives.



No tax gross-ups on executive benefits



Our Compensation Process

        The Committee, with advice and analysis from its independent compensation consulting firm, considers current compensation levels, benchmarking and other data of peer companies, individual and Company performance, long-term career goals, future leadership potential and succession planning, among other factors, in determining appropriate target compensation levels for our NEOs. The Committee does not use a formula to weight these factors, but instead uses these factors to provide context within which to assess the significance of comparative market data and to differentiate the level of target compensation among our NEOs.

        After the end of the performance period to which a particular incentive award relates, the Committee reviews our performance relative to the applicable performance targets and recommends payouts based on that


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