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SEC Filings

ARCH COAL INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/18/2019
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    2018 long-term incentive grants.  The LTIP component of compensation was granted in two forms of equity grants:

    Performance-based restricted stock units (50%), which are based upon the volume weighted average price ("VWAP") of a share of our common stock for any 45-day trading window during a three-year performance period; and

    Time-based restricted stock units (50%), which cliff vest on the third anniversary of the grant date.

    2018 retention grant:  Our Board is keenly focused on succession planning for senior management. In executing on the Company's long-term succession plan and to support executive retention in key leadership positions, the Board granted one-time retention awards to Messrs. Eaves, Drexler and Lang. The retention awards consist of cash and time-based restricted stock units that vest over a period of three years following the grant date.


        Our compensation programs are designed to attract, motivate and retain highly talented executives, while keeping them focused on promoting our strategic objectives. We believe these compensation programs encourage sustained long-term profitability by making a significant portion of each named executive officer's total direct compensation variable and dependent on our achievement of safety, environmental and financial performance. Thus, most of our executives' total compensation is performance-based and not guaranteed.

        The type and amount of compensation for each NEO is determined after considering a variety of factors, including the executive's position and level of responsibility within our organization, comparative market data and other external market-based factors. The Personnel and Compensation Committee, or the Committee, uses this information when establishing compensation in order to achieve a comprehensive package that emphasizes pay-for-performance and is competitive in the marketplace. For the 2018 fiscal year, the pay mix at target for the CEO and other NEOs is displayed below.


Average of the NEOs, excluding the CEO.


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