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SEC Filings

ARCH COAL INC filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/18/2019
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        As described in more detail below, the Company's Board believes that each of the Company's directors meets such criteria and has attributes and experience that make him well qualified to serve. In order to find the most valuable talent available to meet these criteria, the Company's Board generally considers candidates diverse in geographic origin, gender, ethnic background, and professional experience (private, public, and non-profit), pursuant to the Company's Corporate Governance Guidelines. The Company's goal is to include members with the skills and characteristics that, taken together, will assure a strong Board.

        The Company's directors have diverse backgrounds and provide experience and expertise in a number of critical areas. The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee considers the particular experience, attributes, reputation and qualifications of directors standing for re-election and potential nominees for election, as well as the needs of the Company's Board as a whole and its standing committees.

        The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee has identified nine areas of expertise that are particularly relevant to service on the Board and has identified the directors whose key areas of expertise qualify them for each of the listed categories. The categories identified by the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee are:

    CEO/Senior Management — Experience working as a chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief accounting officer, managing director or other senior officer of a major public or private company or non-profit entity.

    Industry — Extensive knowledge and experience in the energy, natural resources, metals and mining industries, either as a senior executive of a company in such industries, as a senior executive of a customer serving such industries or through legal or regulatory experience on industry-related matters.

    Environmental and Safety — A thorough understanding of safety and environmental issues and industry regulations.

    Finance and Accounting — Senior executive-level experience or membership on a board audit committee with an extensive understanding of finance and accounting matters such as capital markets, corporate finance, M&A, financial accounting and reporting, auditing, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and internal controls.

    Governance/Board — Prior or current experience as a board member of a major organization (private, public or non-profit).

    Government Relations — Experience in or a strong understanding of the workings of government and public policy on a local, state and national level.

    Human Resources and Compensation — Senior executive-level experience or membership on a board compensation committee with an extensive understanding of compensation programs, particularly compensation programs for executive-level employees and incentive-based compensation programs.

    Marketing — Senior executive-level experience in marketing combined with a strong working knowledge of the Company's domestic and international markets, customers and strategy.

    Strategic Planning — Senior executive-level experience in strategic planning for a major public, private or non-profit entity.


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