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For purposes of the change in control agreements, "Good Reason" means the occurrence (without the executive’s express written consent) after any change in control, or during a potential change in control period, of any one of the following acts or failures to act by the Company: (i) the assignment to the executive of any duties that are inconsistent with the executive’s status as an officer of the Company or a substantial diminution in the nature or status of the executive’s responsibilities from those in effect immediately prior to the change in control (or the commencement of the potential change in control period); (ii) a reduction in the executive’s then-current annual base salary; (iii) the relocation of the executive’s principal place of employment by more than 50 miles; (iv) the failure to pay to the executive any portion of his current or deferred compensation, within 30 days of the date such compensation is due; (v) the failure to continue in effect any compensation plan in which the executive participates immediately prior to the change in control (or the commencement of the potential change in control period) which is material to his total compensation without an equitable substitute; (vi) the failure to provide life insurance, health and accident, or disability benefits that are substantially similar to those in which the executive was participating immediately prior to the change in control (or the commencement of the potential change in control period); (vii) the failure to provide the executive with the number of paid vacation days to which he was entitled immediately prior to the change in control (or the commencement of the potential change in control period); (viii) any purported termination of the executive’s employment which is not effectuated in accordance with the employment termination procedures for cause set forth in the change in control agreement, or (ix) the failure of any successor to the Company to expressly assume and agree to perform the agreement in accordance with its terms prior to the effectiveness of any such succession. In no event will the executive have Good Reason to terminate employment under the change in control agreement due solely to a suspension of the executive’s position, job functions, authorities, duties and responsibilities while on paid administrative leave.
Equity Incentive Plans
The Company maintains equity incentive plans providing for the grant of nonqualified stock options, incentive stock options, stock appreciation rights, restricted shares, restricted stock units, performance share awards, other stock-based awards and cash-based awards to employees, non-employee Directors, and consultants in order to promote the long-term success of the Company. These were generally made under the 2003 Stock Incentive Plan (the "2003 Plan") prior to April 18, 2013, and thereafter under the 2013 Management Incentive Plan (the "2013 Plan").
The 2013 Plan provides that, in the event of a "change in control" of the Company (as defined in the 2013 Plan), unless otherwise set forth in an award agreement, the Committee may, but shall not be obligated to, do any one or more of the following, in each case without participant consent: (a) accelerate, vest or cause the restrictions to lapse with respect to, all or any portion of an award, (b) cancel awards for a cash payment equal to their fair value (as determined in the sole discretion of the Committee) which, in the case of options, shall be deemed to be equal to the excess, if any, of the consideration to be paid in connection with the change in control to holders of the same number of shares subject to such options (or, if no consideration is paid in any such transaction, the fair market value of the shares subject to such options) over the aggregate exercise price, (c) provide for the issuance of replacement awards that will substantially preserve the otherwise applicable terms of any affected awards previously granted under the 2013 Plan as determined by the Committee in its sole discretion, (d) terminate options without providing accelerated vesting, or (e) take any other action with respect to the awards the Committee deems appropriate.
The 2003 Plan provides that, unless otherwise set forth in an award agreement, upon the occurrence of a "change in control" (as defined in the 2003 Plan), all long-term performance awards shall be deemed fully vested and fully earned to the extent of 100% of the target value of each such award and shall be paid out in accordance with the terms and provisions of the Plan. The 2003 Plan also provides that, if a participant’s employment is terminated during the 36-month period following a change in control (other than by the Company for cause, by reason of death or disability or by the participant without good reason), then, and only then (i) the vesting periods of any and all incentive stock options, non-statutory stock options and stock appreciation rights granted and outstanding under the Plan shall immediately be accelerated; and (ii) the restrictions and/or conditions applicable to any and all restricted stock awards granted and outstanding under the Plan shall immediately lapse and be of no further force and effect.
Annual Cash Incentive Plans
The 2016 annual cash incentive award opportunities for all Named Executive Officers were made under the 2013 Plan, the change in control provisions of which are discussed above.
Annual cash incentive award opportunities for other officers and senior executives are made under the Company’s Cash Bonus Plan (the "Cash Bonus Plan"), which generally requires a participant to be employed for the full award year in order to be eligible to receive an award under the Plan. However, the Cash Bonus Plan expressly authorizes the Committee, in its sole and absolute discretion, to authorize the payment of a cash bonus award to any individual who has been employed for less than a full award year or to any individual who shall cease to be in the employ of the Company for any reason prior to the end of a particular award year, to the extent that the Committee determines the payment of such an award to be fair and equitable.

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