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Independent Compensation Consultant – The Committee retains its own compensation consultant who reports directly to the Committee and attends all Committee meetings.
"Double Trigger" Vesting – The change in control agreements with our Named Executive Officers include "double trigger" vesting provisions that require both a change in control of the Company and a qualifying termination of employment, either by the Company without "Cause" or by the executive for "Good Reason," in order to receive change in control severance benefits.
No Excise Tax Gross-Ups – None of our employment or change in control agreements include tax gross-up provisions pursuant to which any of our NEOs would be entitled to reimbursement for any excise taxes resulting from a change in control.
No Re-Pricing of Underwater Stock Options – Our equity incentive plans expressly prohibit the re-pricing of underwater stock options.
No Time-Vested Restricted Stock Awards – Except for two special retention awards that were granted to our CEO and the President of our Aerospace Segment during the spring of 2014, our NEOs generally do not receive time-vested restricted stock awards. Instead, they receive performance-based long-term incentive awards.
Emphasis on Total Shareholder Return – TSR is a significant component of the performance-based long-term incentive awards that are granted to our executive officers, including our Named Executive Officers. Three-year total return to shareholders accounts for 34% of the performance factors incorporated in LTIP awards granted in 2016.
Minimal Perquisites – The Company provides minimal perquisites to its executive officers, including its Named Executive Officers.
Claw-Back Provisions – Both our CEO and our CFO are subject to contractual compensation claw-back provisions in the event that there is a mandatory restatement of the Company’s financial statements. These provisions also provide that our CEO and our CFO shall be bound by any rules or regulations promulgated by the SEC implementing the requirements of Section 954 of the Dodd-Frank Act or any compensation claw-back policy subsequently adopted by the Committee. In addition, the 2013 Management Incentive Plan expressly provides that all awards under the Plan shall be subject to any compensation recovery policy that may be adopted by the Company.
No Hedging or Pledging of Company Stock – Our directors, executive officers and other designated employees are prohibited from engaging in hedging or pledging transactions or short sales of Company stock.
Stock Ownership Guidelines – Our directors and senior executives are subject to meaningful stock ownership guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines is monitored by the Committee.
Balanced Compensation Program – Our executive compensation program is balanced between annual and long-term financial goals (including total shareholder return), with an emphasis on longer-term strategic objectives.
Caps on Incentive Awards – All annual and long-term incentive awards include caps on the maximum payouts that can be achieved under the awards.
Recent Say-on-Pay Voting Results
Since 2011, we have asked our shareholders to cast a non-binding, advisory vote to approve the compensation paid to our Named Executive Officers, and our shareholders have overwhelmingly voted in favor of our compensation program. The following chart shows, for each of the last five years, the percentage of the votes cast "FOR" and "AGAINST" these non-binding proposals, excluding broker non-votes and abstentions:

- 20 -

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