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Richard J. Swift
Mr. Swift, 72, has been a director since 2002. He is the retired Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Foster Wheeler Ltd., a provider of design, engineering, construction, and other services. He also serves as a director of CVS Caremark Corporation, the largest pharmacy health care provider in the United States; Hubbell Incorporated, an international manufacturer of electrical and electronic products; Ingersoll-Rand Company, Ltd., a diversified industrial manufacturer; and Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated, a diversified energy company. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, and he served four years as an infantry officer in the United States Army. Mr. Swift brings to the Board a broad range of operations management experience acquired in a career with Foster Wheeler, Ltd. that spanned almost 30 years and involved increasingly senior executive leadership positions culminating in his role as Chairman and CEO for 7 years. He also has finance experience, with a Masters of Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and service in the role of Chairman of the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council from January 2002 to December 2006, and he was a Licensed Professional Engineer for approximately 35 years. This type of experience is important to the Board as a means to provide additional depth of capability to the Corporate Governance and Personnel & Compensation Committees. Mr. Swift’s background also provides the Board with additional perspective on international operations, financial management, investments, acquisitions, and other finance-related matters.

The Board is elected by our shareholders to oversee their interests as owners of the Company. The Board is the ultimate decision-making authority for the Company, except for those matters that are reserved for, or shared with, our shareholders. The Board appoints and oversees the Company’s senior management, which is responsible for conducting the Company’s day-to-day business operations.
Board Leadership Structure
Our Bylaws and Corporate Governance Principles provide the Board with the flexibility to select and revise its leadership structure on the basis of the best interests of the Company and its shareholders at any given point in time. The Board evaluates this structure in connection with the annual appointments to the positions of Chairman of the Board ("Chairman") and Chief Executive Officer ("CEO"). The Board believes that it is currently in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders to combine the Chairman and CEO roles and to appoint a Lead Independent Director annually. In this way, the Company’s shareholders have the benefit of Board leadership by Mr. Keating, an executive with extensive day-to-day knowledge of the Company’s operations, strategic plan execution and future needs, as well as a Lead Independent Director who provides Board member leadership. In arriving at its determination, the Board has also considered the fact that the Board consists entirely of independent directors (other than Mr. Keating), all having diverse professional and other Board experience.
The current Lead Independent Director is Karen M. Garrison. The Lead Independent Director position has existed since 2002. The roles and responsibilities of the Lead Independent Director currently include the following:
membership on the Corporate Governance Committee;
chair of the Board’s executive sessions and of Board meetings at which the Chairman is not in attendance;
review and approval of all Board and committee meeting agendas;
liaison between the Chairman and the independent directors, which includes facilitating communications and assisting in the resolution of conflicts, if any, between the independent directors and the Company’s management;
providing counsel to the Chairman and CEO, including provision of appropriate feedback regarding effectiveness of Board meetings, and otherwise as needed or requested; and
such other responsibilities as the Board delegates.
In performing these responsibilities, the Lead Independent Director is expected to consult with the chairpersons of the Board committees, as appropriate, and solicit their participation in order to avoid the appearance of diluting the authority or responsibility of the Board committees and their chairpersons.
Board Meetings and Committees
The Board met 5 times in 2016 and its committees met a total of 23 times. Each director attended 75% or more of the aggregate of all meetings of the Board and committees on which he or she served during 2016. The Company's Corporate Governance Principles provide that directors are strongly encouraged to attend each annual meeting of shareholders and, except for Eileen S.

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