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Class I Directors Whose Terms Expire in 2018
E. Reeves Callaway III
Mr. Callaway, 69, has been a director since 1995. He is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Callaway Companies, an engineering services firm in the high technology composites industry that has presence in the United States and Europe. Mr. Callaway provides the Board with senior executive insight into the conduct of the composites business, global operations and marketing and sales trends. As a sitting CEO, Mr. Callaway provides the Board with important insights and perspectives as an executive leading another company.
Karen M. Garrison
Ms. Garrison, 68, has been a director since 2006, and she currently serves as the Board's Lead Independent Director. She is the retired President of Pitney Bowes Business Services, having served in that position from 1999 until her retirement in 2004. In her 27 years with Pitney Bowes and its subsidiary, the Dictaphone Corporation, Ms. Garrison held a series of positions with increasing responsibilities, including Vice President of Operations, and Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer. She also serves as a director of SP Plus Corporation (formerly, Standard Parking Corporation), a national provider of parking facility management services (where she serves as non-executive Chairman of the Board), and Tenet Healthcare Corporation, one of the largest investor-owned health care delivery systems in the nation. She previously served as a director of North Fork Bank, a regional bank holding company that was acquired by Capital One Financial Corporation in 2006. The Board believes these positions demonstrate an extensive history of senior executive and oversight roles which provide operational insight, particularly with regard to acquisitions, human resources, information technologies, government contracting and distribution. The Board also values Ms. Garrison's extensive experience in finance and accounting, from her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Rollins College and Master of Business Administration from Florida Institute of Technology to progressively senior roles as Controller, Worldwide Controller, Vice President - Finance and Chief Financial Officer over a ten-year period during her tenure at Pitney Bowes and its subsidiary, Dictaphone Corporation.
A. William Higgins
Mr. Higgins, 58, has been a director since 2009. He is the former Chairman, CEO and President of CIRCOR International, Inc., having served in those positions from March 2008 until his retirement in December 2012. He had previously served as the Chief Operating Officer and an Executive Vice President of CIRCOR, a global diversified manufacturing company that designs, manufactures and supplies valves, related products and services to OEMs, processors, manufacturers, the military and utilities that rely on fluid-control to accomplish their missions. Prior to joining CIRCOR in 2005, he spent thirteen years in a variety of senior management positions with Honeywell International and Allied Signal. He also serves as a director of Bristow Group Inc, a leading provider of industrial aviation services, and Albany International Corp., a global advanced textiles and materials processing company. Leslie Controls, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CIRCOR and an entity for which Mr. Higgins served as a director and Vice President, filed for bankruptcy protection in July 2010 in order to eliminate certain asbestos litigation liabilities. The subsidiary successfully emerged from bankruptcy the following year. Mr. Higgins’ professional background provides the Board with additional perspective on talent development, international operations and global strategic development, lean manufacturing and continuous improvement processes, the defense industry, acquisitions, and both the distribution and aerospace markets. In addition, his experience at Honeywell International and Allied Signal provide him with a strong background in the aerospace industry.

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