Dividend History

Dividend History

AMETEK has paid 300 consecutive quarterly dividends. The amount of dividends paid by AMETEK is determined quarterly by our Board of Directors. After reviewing the Company’s financial position, cash flow and earnings history, and future expectations, AMETEK’s Board of Directors, on February 1, 2018, announced a 56% increase in the quarterly common stock dividend to an indicated annual rate of $0.56 per share, effective with the first quarter 2018 dividend.

If you have a question about the payment of the dividend please contact American Stock Transfer at (800) 937-5449 or at www.astfinancial.com .

03/15/1902/13/1903/29/19$0.14Regular Cash
12/07/1811/12/1812/21/18$0.14Regular Cash
09/14/1808/03/1809/28/18$0.14Regular Cash
06/15/1805/09/1806/29/18$0.14Regular Cash
03/16/1802/01/1803/29/18$0.14Regular Cash
12/06/1711/10/1712/20/17$0.09Regular Cash
09/15/1708/04/1709/29/17$0.09Regular Cash
05/10/1706/16/1706/30/17$0.09Regular Cash
03/17/1702/13/1703/31/17$0.09Regular Cash
12/07/1611/03/1612/21/16$0.09Regular Cash
09/16/1608/04/1609/30/16$0.09Regular Cash
06/16/1605/05/1606/30/16$0.09Regular Cash
03/17/1602/04/1603/31/16$0.09Regular Cash
12/04/1511/04/1512/18/15$0.09Regular Cash
09/16/1507/31/1509/30/15$0.09Regular Cash
06/16/1505/07/1506/30/15$0.09Regular Cash
03/17/1502/05/1503/31/15$0.09Regular Cash
12/05/1411/06/1412/19/14$0.09Regular Cash
09/16/1407/24/1409/30/14$0.09Regular Cash
06/16/1405/09/1406/30/14$0.09Regular Cash
12/06/1310/25/1312/20/13$0.06Regular Cash
09/16/1307/25/1309/30/13$0.06Regular Cash
06/14/1305/08/1306/28/13$0.06Regular Cash
03/14/1302/07/1303/28/13$0.06Regular Cash

Stock Information

AME (Common Stock) $86.49
 Stock is Up 0.74 (0.86%)
Stock chart for: AME.  Currently trading at $86.49 with a 52 week high of $86.73 and a 52 week low of $63.14.

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