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STATION CASINOS LLC filed this Form 8-K on 09/21/2017
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SECTION 2.1 Amendments to Existing Credit Agreement.

(a) Subject to the conditions and upon the terms set forth in this Fourth Amendment and in reliance on the representations and warranties of the Station Parties set forth in this Fourth Amendment, the Borrower, the other Station Parties, each of the Incremental Revolving Facility Lenders, Incremental Term A-3 Facility Lenders, L/C Lenders, Revolving Lenders, Term A Facility Lenders and Term A-3 Facility Lenders party hereto and the Administrative Agent agree that on the Effective Date, simultaneously with the effectiveness of the provisions of Articles III and IV below, the Existing Credit Agreement shall be amended as set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto (double underlining indicates new language and strikethrough indicates language that has been deleted) (the Existing Credit Agreement, as so amended by this Fourth Amendment, the “Amended Credit Agreement”).

(b) The corresponding Annexes to the Existing Credit Agreement are hereby restated as set forth in the Amended Credit Agreement.

(c) Pursuant to Section 13.04(b)(B) of the Existing Credit Agreement and without limiting the terms thereof, the Borrower may, in its discretion, (i) require any Revolving Lender, Term A Facility Lender, or Term A-3 Facility Lender that does not consent to this Fourth Amendment to assign all of its rights and obligations under the Existing Credit Agreement with respect to all of such non-consenting Revolving Lender’s, Term A Facility Lender’s, or Term A-3 Facility Lender’s Revolving Loans and Revolving Commitments, Term A Facility Loans and Term A-3 Facility Loans, as applicable, to one or more assignees, (ii) terminate the Commitments or prepay the Loans, as applicable, of any Revolving Lender, Term A Facility Lender or Term A-3 Facility Lender, in each case that does not consent to this Fourth Amendment and replace such terminated Commitments or prepaid Loans, as applicable, or (iii) consummate any combination of clause (i) and clause (ii).

(d) The Borrower hereby elects to apply $23,125,007.85 of the principal amount of the Incremental Term A-3 Facility Loans to repay and replace a like principal amount of the Term A-3 Facility Loans held immediately prior to the effectiveness of this Fourth Amendment by certain non-consenting Lenders and hereby directs the Administrative Agent to apply the proceeds of such Incremental Term A-3 Facility Loans to repay the Term A-3 Facility Loans of such non-consenting Lenders in accordance with the terms of the Credit Agreement.