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STATION CASINOS LLC filed this Form 8-K on 09/21/2017
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(j) provisions with respect to the disposition or distribution of assets or property in joint venture agreements, asset sale agreements, stock sale agreements, sale-leaseback agreements and other similar agreements not prohibited by this Indenture;

(k) any restriction on cash or other deposits or net worth imposed by customers or lessors or required by insurance, surety or bonding companies, in each case under contracts entered into in the ordinary course of business;

(l) any agreement for the sale or other disposition of a Restricted Subsidiary that restricts distributions by that Restricted Subsidiary pending the sale or other disposition;

(m) agreements in existence with respect to a Restricted Subsidiary at the time it is so designated, so long as such agreements are not entered into in anticipation or contemplation of such designation; or

(n) restrictions contained in Indebtedness used to finance, or incurred for the purpose of financing, Expansion Capital Expenditures and/or Development Projects and Permitted Refinancing Indebtedness in respect thereof, provided, that such restrictions apply only to the asset (or the Person owning such asset) being financed pursuant to such Indebtedness.

Section 4.09 Incurrence of Indebtedness and Issuance of Preferred Stock.

(a) The Company will not, directly or indirectly:

(1) Incur any Indebtedness or issue any Disqualified Capital Stock, or

(2) cause or permit any of its Restricted Subsidiaries to Incur any Indebtedness or issue any Disqualified Capital Stock or preferred stock, in each case, other than Permitted Indebtedness; provided, however, that the Company may issue Disqualified Capital Stock and may Incur Indebtedness (including, without limitation, Acquired Debt), and any Guarantor may issue preferred stock or Incur Indebtedness (including, without limitation, Acquired Debt), if immediately after giving pro forma effect to such proposed Incurrence or issuance and the receipt and application of the net proceeds therefrom, the Company’s Consolidated Coverage Ratio would be at least 2.00 to 1.00.

(b) This Section 4.09 will not prohibit the incurrence of any of the following (collectively, “Permitted Indebtedness”):

(1) Indebtedness of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary outstanding on the Issue Date (other than Indebtedness under the Bank Credit Agreement) as reduced by the amount of any scheduled amortization payments or mandatory prepayments when actually paid or permanent reductions thereof;

(2) Indebtedness Incurred by the Company under the Initial Notes and by the Guarantors under the Guarantees;

(3) Indebtedness Incurred by the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary pursuant to the Bank Credit Agreement or other Credit Facilities; provided that the aggregate principal amount of all such Indebtedness outstanding under this clause (3) as of any date of Incurrence (after giving pro forma effect to the application of the proceeds of such Incurrence), including all