SEC Filings
STATION CASINOS LLC filed this Form 8-K on 09/21/2017
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(5) Neither the Registrar nor the Company will be required:

(A) to issue, to register the transfer of or to exchange any Notes during a period beginning at the opening of business 15 days before the mailing of a notice of redemption of Notes for redemption under Section 3.02 hereof and ending at the close of business on the day of such mailing;

(B) to register the transfer of or to exchange any Note selected for redemption in whole or in part, except the unredeemed portion of any Note being redeemed in part; or

(C) to register the transfer of or to exchange a Note between a record date and the next succeeding interest payment date.

(6) Prior to due presentment for the registration of a transfer of any Note, the Trustee, any Agent and the Company may deem and treat the Person in whose name any Note is registered on the books of the Registrar as the absolute owner of such Note for the purpose of receiving payment of principal of and interest on such Notes and for all other purposes, and none of the Trustee, any Agent or the Company shall be affected by notice to the contrary.

(7) The Trustee will authenticate Global Notes and Definitive Notes in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.02 hereof.

(8) The Trustee shall have no obligation or duty to monitor, determine or inquire as to compliance with any restrictions or transfer imposed under this Indenture or under applicable law with respect to any transfer of any interest in any Note (including any transfers between or among Agent Members or Beneficial Owners of interest in any Global Note) other than to require delivery of such certificates and other documentations or evidence as are expressly required by, and to do so if and when expressly required by the terms of, this Indenture, and to examine the same to determine substantial compliance as to form with the express requirements hereof.

(9) All certifications, certificates and Opinions of Counsel required to be submitted to the Registrar pursuant to this Section 2.06 to effect a registration of transfer or exchange may be submitted by facsimile.

(j) Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, neither the Trustee nor the Note Registrar shall be responsible for ascertaining whether any transfer complies with the registration provisions of or exemptions from the Securities Act, applicable state securities laws, or other applicable laws; provided that if a certificate is specifically required by the express terms of this Section 2.06 to be delivered to a Trustee by a purchaser or transferee of a Note, the Trustee shall be under a duty to receive and examine the same to determine whether on its face it conforms to the express terms of this Indenture and shall promptly notify the party delivering the same if such transfer does not comply with such terms. Neither the Trustee nor any Agent shall have any responsibility or liability for any actions taken or not taken by the Depositary.

Section 2.07 Replacement Notes.

If any mutilated Note is surrendered to the Trustee or the Company and the Company or the Trustee receives evidence to its satisfaction of the destruction, loss or theft of any Note, the Company will issue and the Trustee, upon receipt of an Authentication Order, will authenticate a replacement Note if the Company’s or the Trustee’s requirements are met. If required by the Trustee or the Company, an indemnity bond must be supplied by the Holder that is sufficient in the judgment of the Trustee and the Company to protect the Company, the Trustee, any Agent and any authenticating agent from any loss that any of them may suffer if a Note is replaced. The Company may charge for its expenses in replacing a Note (including Trustee’s fees and expenses).