SEC Filings
STATION CASINOS LLC filed this Form 8-K on 09/21/2017
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Private Placement Legend” means the legend set forth in Section 2.06(g)(1) hereof to be placed on all Notes issued under this Indenture except where otherwise permitted by the provisions of this Indenture.

Productive Assets” means assets (including assets owned directly or indirectly through Capital Stock of a Restricted Subsidiary) of a kind used or usable in the businesses of the Obligors as they are conducted on the date of the Asset Sale or on any other Determination Date and any Related Business.

Project” means any new facility developed or being developed by the Company or one of its Restricted Subsidiaries and any expansion, renovation or refurbishment of a facility owned by the Company or one of its Restricted Subsidiaries which expansion, renovation or refurbishment is reasonably expected to cost $40 million or more.

QIB” means a “qualified institutional buyer” as defined in Rule 144A.

Qualified Capital Stock” means any Capital Stock that is not Disqualified Capital Stock.

Rating Agency” means (a) Moody’s or S&P or (b) if Moody’s or S&P or both shall not make a rating on the Notes publicly available, a nationally recognized statistical rating agency or agencies, as the case may be, selected by the Issuer (as certified by a resolution of the Company’s Board) which shall be substituted for Moody’s or S&P or both, as the case may be.

Rating Decline” shall have occurred if at any date within 90 calendar days after the date of public disclosure of the occurrence of a Change of Control (which period will be extended for so long as the Company’s debt ratings are under publicly announced review for possible downgrading (or without an indication of the direction of a possible ratings change) by either Moody’s or S&P or their respective successors) the Notes no longer have Investment Grade Status.

Redemption Date” means, when used with respect to any Note to be redeemed, the date fixed for such redemption pursuant to this Indenture and the Notes.

Redemption Price” means, when used with respect to any Note to be redeemed, the price fixed for such redemption, payable in immediately available funds, pursuant to this Indenture and the Notes.

Registrar” has the meaning given to it in Section 2.03 hereof.

Regulation S” means Regulation S promulgated under the Securities Act.

Regulation S Global Note” means a Global Note substantially in the form of Exhibit A hereto bearing the Global Note Legend and the Private Placement Legend and deposited with or on behalf of and registered in the name of the Depositary or its nominee, issued in a denomination equal to the outstanding principal amount of the Notes sold in reliance on Rule 903 of Regulation S.

Related Business” means the gaming (including pari-mutuel betting) business and/or any and all businesses that in the good faith judgment of the Company are reasonably related to, necessary for, in support or anticipation of ancillary or complementary to or in preparation for (or required by a Gaming Authority to be developed, constructed, improved or acquired in connection with the licensing approval of such Casino or Casinos), the gaming business including, without limitation, the development, expansion or operation of any Casino (including any land-based, dockside, riverboat or other type of Casino), owned, or to be owned, by the Company or one of its Subsidiaries.