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STATION CASINOS LLC filed this Form 8-K on 09/21/2017
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(4) Liens Incurred to secure Indebtedness (and customary obligations related thereto) permitted by clause (6) of Section 4.09(b), attaching to or encumbering only the subject assets and directly related property such as proceeds (including insurance proceeds) and products thereof and accessions, replacements and substitutions thereof;

(5) Liens to secure the performance of statutory obligations, surety or appeal bonds, performance bonds or other obligations of a like nature incurred in the ordinary course of business, including Liens securing letters of credit issued in the ordinary course of business consistent with industry practice in connection therewith;

(6) Liens created by “notice” or “precautionary” filings in connection with operating leases or other transactions pursuant to which no Indebtedness is Incurred by the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary;

(7) Liens to secure Indebtedness (and customary obligations related thereto) permitted by clause (3) of the definition of Permitted Indebtedness;

(8) Liens existing on the Issue Date (other than Liens described in clause (7) above);

(9) Liens for taxes, assessments or governmental charges or claims (including, without limitation, Liens securing the performance of workers compensation, social security, or unemployment insurance obligations) that are not yet delinquent or that are being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings promptly instituted and diligently concluded; provided that any reserve or other appropriate provision as shall be required in conformity with GAAP shall have been made therefor;

(10) Liens on shares of any equity security or any warrant or option to purchase an equity security or any security which is convertible into an equity security issued by any Obligor that holds, directly or indirectly through a holding company or otherwise, a license under any applicable Gaming Laws; provided that this clause (10) shall apply only so long as such Gaming Laws provide that the creation of any restriction on the disposition of any of such securities shall not be effective and, if such Gaming Laws at any time cease to so provide, then this clause (10) shall be of no further effect;

(11) Liens on securities constituting “margin stock” within the meaning of Regulation T, U or X promulgated by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, to the extent that (i) prohibiting such Liens would result in the classification of the obligations of the Company under the Notes as a “purpose credit” and (ii) the Investment by any Obligor in such margin stock is permitted by this Indenture;

(12) Liens securing Permitted Refinancing Indebtedness (and customary obligations related thereto); provided that any such Lien attaches only to the assets encumbered by the predecessor Indebtedness (and customary obligations related thereto), unless the Incurrence of such Liens is otherwise permitted under this Indenture;

(13) Liens securing stay and appeal bonds or judgment Liens in connection with any judgment not giving rise to an Event of Default under clause (5) of Section 6.01;