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STATION CASINOS LLC filed this Form 8-K on 09/21/2017
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at the time outstanding (after giving effect to any such Investments that are returned to the Company or any Subsidiary that made such prior Investment, without restriction, in cash on or prior to the date of any such calculation, but only up to the amount of the Investment made under this clause (13) in such Person), not to exceed the greater of (x) $450 million and (y) 15.0% of Consolidated Net Tangible Assets;

(14) any Investment if after giving effect to such Restricted Payment, the Consolidated Leverage Ratio of the Company on a pro forma basis is less than 4.75 to 1.00;

(15) advances of payroll payments to employees of the Company and the Restricted Subsidiaries in the ordinary course of business;

(16) guarantees consisting of Support Agreements of the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries;

(17) Native American Investments in an amount up to $20 million in any fiscal year; provided, however, that, if the aggregate amount of such Native American Investments made in any fiscal year is less than $20 million, such amount may be carried over once to be available for such Native American Investments in the next succeeding fiscal year; and provided, further, that, in addition to the foregoing, payments according to existing contractual arrangements with any Native American Tribe may be made pursuant to existing contractual arrangements, such payments not to exceed $25 million in the aggregate.

(18) Investments of a Restricted Subsidiary acquired after the Issue Date or of a Person merged into the Company or merged or consolidated with a Restricted Subsidiary in accordance with Article V after the Issue Date to the extent that such Investments were not made in contemplation of or in connection with such acquisition, merger or consolidation and were in existence on the date of such acquisition, merger or consolidation;

(19) Investments consisting of payments by the Company or Restricted Subsidiary to an Unrestricted Subsidiary pursuant to any Related Party Agreements; and

(20) the occurrence of a Reverse Trigger Event under any applicable Transfer Agreement.

Permitted Liens” means:

(1) Liens in favor of the Company or Liens on the assets of any Guarantor so long as such Liens are held by another Obligor;

(2) Liens on property of a Person existing at the time such Person is acquired and becomes a Restricted Subsidiary or is merged into or consolidated with the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary; provided that such Liens were not Incurred in anticipation of such acquisition, merger or consolidation (other than as permitted pursuant to Section 4.09(b)(21)) and do not extend to any assets other than those of the acquired Person or the Person merged into or consolidated with the Company or such Restricted Subsidiary, as applicable;

(3) Liens on property existing at the time of acquisition thereof by any Obligor or Restricted Subsidiary; provided that such Liens were not Incurred in anticipation of such acquisition;