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STATION CASINOS LLC filed this Form 8-K on 09/21/2017
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Consolidated EBITDA” means, with respect to any Person for any period, the sum (without duplication) of:

(1) the Consolidated Net Income of such Person for such period, plus

(2) to the extent that any of the following shall have been taken into account in determining such Consolidated Net Income, and without duplication:

(A) all income taxes of such Person and its Restricted Subsidiaries paid or accrued in accordance with GAAP for such period (other than income taxes attributable to extraordinary or nonrecurring gains or losses or taxes attributable to sales or dispositions of assets outside the ordinary course of business),

(B) the consolidated interest expense of such Person for such period, whether paid or accrued, including, without limitation, amortization of original issue discount, non-cash interest payments, the interest component of any deferred payment obligations and the interest component of all payments associated with Capital Lease Obligations,

(C) depreciation and amortization expense (including the amortization of deferred financing charges) and any amortization or write-off of goodwill or other intangible assets and depreciation expense for such Person and its Restricted Subsidiaries for such period,

(D) all other non-cash items (other than non-cash interest) of such Person or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries reducing such Consolidated Net Income for such period, other than any non-cash item for such period that requires the accrual of or a reserve for cash charges for any future period,

(E) any net after-tax losses from all sales or dispositions of assets outside of the ordinary course of business,

(F) any net after-tax extraordinary or non-recurring losses and losses on early extinguishment of debt,

(G) any non-recurring costs or expenses of an acquired company or business incurred in connection with the purchase or acquisition of such acquired company or business by such Person (including any restructuring expenses or charges) and any non-recurring adjustments necessary to conform the accounting policies of the acquired company or business to those of such Person,

(H) the amount of interest expense attributable to minority equity interests of third parties in any non-wholly owned Subsidiary to the extent paid by third parties,

(I) any losses attributable to Interest Swap Obligations and Hedging Obligations permitted to be Incurred by clause (7) of Permitted Indebtedness,

(J) non-cash charges relating to compensation expense in connection with benefits provided under employee stock option plans, restricted stock plans and other equity compensation arrangements,

(K) all non-cash losses from investments recorded using the equity method,