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STATION CASINOS LLC filed this Form 8-K on 09/21/2017
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(2) the excess of:

(A) the present value at such Redemption Date of (i) the Redemption Price of the Note at October 1, 2020 (as set forth in Paragraph 5 of the Note) plus (ii) all required interest payments due on the Note through October 1, 2020 (excluding accrued but unpaid interest to the redemption date), computed using a discount rate equal to the Treasury Rate as of such redemption date plus 50 basis points; over

(B) the principal amount of the Note.

Asset Acquisition” means:

(1) an Investment by any Obligor in any other Person pursuant to which such Person shall become an Obligor or a Restricted Subsidiary of an Obligor or shall be merged into, or with any Obligor or Restricted Subsidiary of an Obligor, or

(2) the acquisition by any Obligor of assets of any Person comprising a division or line of business of such Person or all or substantially all of the assets of such Person.

Asset Sale” means any direct or indirect sale, issuance, conveyance, transfer, lease (other than operating leases entered into in the ordinary course of business), assignment or other disposition (for purposes of this definition, each a “disposition”) by any Obligor (including, without limitation, pursuant to any sale and leaseback transaction or any merger or consolidation of any Restricted Subsidiary of the Company with or into another Person (other than another Obligor) whereby such Restricted Subsidiary shall cease to be a Restricted Subsidiary of the Company) to any Person of:

(1) any property or assets of any Obligor (other than Capital Stock of any Unrestricted Subsidiary) to the extent that any such disposition is not in the ordinary course of business of such Obligor, or

(2) any Capital Stock of any Restricted Subsidiary (other than directors’ qualifying shares or shares required by law to be held by a Person other than the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary),

other than, in both cases:

(A) any disposition to the Company,

(B) any disposition to any Obligor or Restricted Subsidiary,

(C) any disposition that constitutes a Restricted Payment or a Permitted Investment that is made in accordance with Section 4.07 hereof,

(D) any transaction or series of related transactions resulting in Net Cash Proceeds to such Obligor of less than $25 million,

(E) any transaction that is consummated in accordance with Article V hereof,

(F) the sale or discount, in each case without recourse (direct or indirect), of accounts receivable arising in the ordinary course of business of the Company or such Restricted Subsidiary, as the case may be, but only in connection with the compromise or collection thereof,