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STATION CASINOS LLC filed this Form 8-K on 09/21/2017
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Any Guarantor not released from its obligations under its Guaranty as provided in this Section 11.06 will remain liable for the full amount of principal of and interest and premium on the Notes and for the other obligations of any Guarantor under this Indenture as provided in this Article 11.



Section 12.01 Satisfaction and Discharge.

This Indenture will be discharged and will cease to be of further effect (except as to surviving rights or registration of transfer or exchange of the Notes) as to all Notes issued hereunder, when:

(1) either:

(a) all Notes that have been authenticated (except lost, stolen or destroyed Notes that have been replaced or paid and Notes for whose payment money has been deposited in trust or segregated and held in trust by the Company and thereafter repaid to the Company or discharged from such trust), have been delivered to the Trustee for cancellation; or

(b) all Notes that have not been delivered to the Trustee for cancellation have become due and payable by reason of the mailing of a notice of redemption (and all conditions to such redemption having been satisfied or waived) or otherwise, or will become due and payable within one year (or are to be irrevocably called for redemption within one year), and the Company or any Guarantor has irrevocably deposited or caused to be deposited with the Trustee as trust funds in trust solely for the benefit of the Holders, cash in U.S. dollars, non-callable Government Securities, or a combination of cash in U.S. dollars and non-callable Government Securities, in amounts as will be sufficient, in the opinion of a nationally recognized firm of independent public accountants, without consideration of any reinvestment of interest, to pay and discharge the entire Indebtedness on the Notes not delivered to the Trustee for cancellation for principal, premium and accrued interest to the date of maturity or redemption;

(2) the Company or any Guarantor has paid or caused to be paid all sums payable by it under this Indenture; and

(3) the Company has delivered irrevocable instructions to the Trustee under this Indenture to apply the deposited money toward the payment of the Notes at maturity or on the redemption date, as the case may be.

In addition, the Company must deliver an Officers’ Certificate and an Opinion of Counsel to the Trustee stating that all conditions precedent to satisfaction and discharge have been satisfied.

Upon compliance with the foregoing and upon request of the Company, the Trustee shall execute proper instrument(s) acknowledging the satisfaction and discharge of all the Company’s and the Guarantors’ obligations under the Notes, the Guarantees and this Indenture.

Notwithstanding the satisfaction and discharge of this Indenture, if money has been deposited with the Trustee pursuant to subclause (b) of clause (1) of this Section 12.01, the provisions of Sections 12.02 and 8.06 hereof will survive. In addition, nothing in this Section 12.01 will be deemed to discharge those provisions of Section 7.07 hereof, that, by their terms, survive the satisfaction and discharge of this Indenture.