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Dr. Mark R. Williams
Chairman of the Board
Former Member, Executive Committee, Royal Dutch Shell
Rodney F. Chase
Former Deputy Group Chief Executive, BP
Terrence J. Checki
Former Executive Vice President and Head, Emerging Markets and International Affairs, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Harvey Golub
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, American Express
John B. Hess
Chief Executive Officer
Edith E. Holiday
Former Assistant to the President of the United States and Secretary of the Cabinet; former General Counsel, United States Department of the Treasury
Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
David McManus
Former Executive Vice President, Pioneer Natural Resources
Dr. Kevin O. Meyers
Former Senior Vice President of E&P for the Americas, ConocoPhillips
John H. Mullin III
Chairman, Ridgeway Farm LLC; former Managing Director, Dillon, Read & Co. Inc.
James H. Quigley
Former Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
Fredric G. Reynolds
Former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, CBS Corporation
William G. Schrader
Former Chief Operating Officer, TNK-BP Russia
Robert N. Wilson
Chairman, Mevion Medical Systems; former Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Johnson & Johnson
Corporate Officers
John B. Hess
Chief Executive Officer
John B. Hess
Chief Executive Officer

John B. Hess is Chief Executive Officer of Hess Corporation, a leading independent energy exploration and production company.

Mr. Hess ... 
Gregory P. Hill
President and Chief Operating Officer
Gregory P. Hill
President and Chief Operating Officer

Greg Hill is President and Chief Operating Officer of Hess Corporation, a global independent energy company engaged in the explor... 
Zhanna Golodryga
Senior Vice President, Services and Chief Information Officer
Timothy B. Goodell
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Richard Lynch
Senior Vice President, Global Drilling, Completions and Development
Howard Paver
Senior Vice President, Strategy, Commercial and New Business Development
John P. Rielly
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Brian Truelove
Senior Vice President, Offshore
Michael R. Turner
Senior Vice President, Onshore
Barbara Lowery-Yilmaz
Senior Vice President, Global Exploration
Mykel Ziolo
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
George C. Barry
Vice President, Secretary and Deputy General Counsel
C. Martin Dunagin
Vice President, Corporate Tax
Eric Fishman
Vice President and Treasurer
Indrani Franchini
Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
Drew Maloney
Vice President, Government and External Affairs
Alex Sagebien
Vice President, Environment, Health and Safety
Jonathan C. Stein
Vice President and Chief Risk Officer
Kevin B. Wilcox
Vice President and Exploration and Production Controller
Jay R. Wilson
Vice President, Investor Relations