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SEC Filings

DELL INC filed this Form DEFA14A on 02/05/2013
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Internal-Only Messages

Team Members



Until the transaction closes, we remain a publicly-traded company and will continue to report quarterly financial results. Our FY14 business plan remains unchanged and we must continue to execute against it. Our focus remains on serving our customers, providing them a superior experience and the products and solutions to help them do and achieve more.



Our brand, purpose and values remain unchanged.



You still work for the same company with the same manager in the same building and serve the same customers.



The proposed transaction will enable us to accelerate our long-term growth plan and transformation, and maintain our focus on helping customers achieve their goals.



Many of our most important priorities and initiatives will remain intact and, in some cases accelerate, including: the new Dell business model, our Solution Group structure and our productivity and efficiency program targeting $2 billion in opportunity across the company.



Once the transaction closes, Michael Dell will remain chairman and chief executive officer and the leadership team will remain the same.



Dell will continue to be an employer of choice and a destination for the world’s best talent. We will continue to develop inspiring leaders, champion team members and promote a culture in which team members are encouraged to take risks, feel supported and valued.



Dell will continue to offer market competitive compensation, including base salary, bonus and long-term incentive plan.



Your base salary remains the same and we will be rolling-out our FY14 merit increases as planned.



Your benefits remain the same.



The annual bonus plan will remain intact and participation levels will remain the same. Once the transaction closes, we will consider whether to make some changes to align our targets more directly with long-term cash flow growth. This will be reviewed after the potential transaction closes, which is expected to be in the second quarter of FY14. In the meantime, our FY14 plans will look very similar to FY13.

Legal Disclaimer

Forward-looking Statements

Any statements in this press release about prospective performance and plans for the Company, the expected timing of the completion of the proposed merger and the ability to complete the proposed merger, and other statements containing the words “estimates,” “believes,” “anticipates,” “plans,”

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