Stock chart for: JAKK.O.  Currently trading at $2.58 with a 52 week high of $7.45 and a 52 week low of $2.40.

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Board & Management

Stephen Berman co-founded JAKKS Pacific in January 1995 and currently serves as the Company’s President, Chief Executive Officer, Secretary and Director. Prior to becoming CEO, Mr. Berman served as Co-Chief Executive Officer from 2009-2010 and was previously the Chief Operating Officer from 1995 to 2011. From inception until December 1998, Mr. Berman was the Executive Vice President until he became the Company’s President in January 1999. In April 2010, Mr. Berman was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Prior to JAKKS Pacific, Mr. Berman was a Vice President and Managing Director of THQ International, Inc., a subsidiary of THQ, Inc. from October 1991 to August 1995. From 1988 to 1991, Mr. Berman was President and an owner of Balanced Approach, Inc., a distributor of personal fitness products and services.

Rex Poulsen

Partner, Hutchinson and Bloodgood LLP

Michael  Sitrick

Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Sitrick Brinko LLC, a subsidiary of Resources Connection ,Inc., a public relations, strategic communications and crisis management company.

Murray  L.  Skala

Partner, Feder Kaszovitz LLP

Michael J. Gross

Vice Chairman

Alexander Shoghi

Portfolio Manager